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The Pinal County Conflict of Interest

I came to the Gold Canyon, Arizona area in 1972 and I have witnessed a great deal of change across our canyon and this valley. I am concerned about the vision and intentions of the people that run our local and state governments. I feel that our public officials I have encountered are abusing their authority and violating laws that are in place to protect my family and property. These individuals know the difference between “right and wrong” regardless of the wording, interpretation or stated purpose of their policies and action.

There is a fundamental difference in the interests of people that come to Arizona to get rich and people that were already here to raise families and prosper. Our elected officials were not elected to represent the interests of outside investors or the profits and revenues of unsustainable growth and development. This issue of property owners not being able to possess storage containers to protect their property is a textbook example of the Stanley Griffis SWEETHEART DEAL. I was caught up in this storage container scam that is going on in Pinal County. Stan Griffis and his gang have implemented “investor friendly” rules, regulations, fines, fees, citations and probations for years. You can't take the dog and leave the fleas. Individuals in Pinal County and our state government have crossed the line of my own moral, ethical and legal requirements. These individuals had a responsibility to protect our rights. That deal has been broken and I am expecting redress. Public officials are selling us out to the highest bidders (The investors and developers). I have documented how officials in Pinal County work this game for their investor/developer associates and victimize the rest of us. I will be posting their deeds and the documents they use on this website.


Arlin Troutt
Complaint Against Pinal County
October 2, 2006

Terry Doolittle
Pinal County Manager’s Office
Florence, Arizona

On October 3, @ about 1:10 AM I spoke to Mr. Richard Reid of the Assessors Office. The Pinal County Tax Assessor’s Office has involved itself in transferring property out of my son’s name without his knowledge or consent. Additionally they have attempted to rectify mistakes made by a title company without his knowledge or notification. Their actions have been damaging to say the least. I am in the process of preparing serious criminal and civil complaints against specific individuals on this matter. I am trying to establish who knew what and when at this point. I believe individuals in the Pinal County Tax Assessor’s office have violated strict notification procedures to accomplish these transfers of property.

On October 3, 2006 @ about 1:50 PM I submitted a complaint to Mr. Cool of the Pinal County Planning and Development Office. Mr. Cool would not meet with me even though he was informed of my intended visit in advance. Mr. Cool and Mr. LaCross are familiar with my complaints against them yet they are using Mr. Louis Felix as a go between.

I found out that there are some extreme irregularities in Pinal County’s involvement in my family’s property in Gold Canyon, Arizona. Additionally, there have been some serious and dangerous mistakes made in the building of Gold Canyon. The “So What Sue Me” attitude that I have encountered so far is getting ready to be addressed. I want to speak to you on these and other matters. I would hope to avoid a flood of litigation but the safety of the entire community is at risk. I have tried for months to get straight answers and I feel I have been placated and stalled while some very disturbing plans are being pushed forward. I am requesting your acknowledgment of my complaint for remedial intervention in this matter.


Arlin Trout

Re: Complaint and Request for injunctive relief against the Pinal County Planning and Development Office.

To Whom It May Concern,

On September 7th 2006, Louis Felix and Emily Webster from Pinal County Department of Planning and Development visited our family residence at 3267 South Yaqui Lane in Gold Canyon, Arizona. They informed us of Pinal County’s intention to change our (long time) residential address because of development plans by individuals that have recently purchased property around us.

My family has owned and paid taxes on this land for over 35 years and we are familiar with this particular area. If these development plans are permitted to continue the results will be extremely damaging to my family, our property and the surrounding community.

Wealthy developers and contractors have been permitted to construct close proximity homes in an extremely dangerous flood area over the past 25 years. Unsuspecting families have now purchased homes and are living in what could easily be described as a death trap. Torrents of raging waters tear through this canyon that will certainly do extensive damage when these floods return.

Louis Felix from Pinal County Planning and Development is an Arizona native and is very knowledgeable about this area. Mr. Felix agrees that Gold Canyon is facing serious trouble.

My family has sacrificed and suffered a great deal over the development of Gold Canyon. The safety and rights of the original and existing residents of Kings Ranch have always taken a backset to the narrow interests of developers and planners. The smell of raw sewage in Gold Canyon is sickening and a safe water supply is in serious question for the existing residents. The 2005 annual water quality report for Gold Canyon from the Arizona Water Company falls far below safety standards. This water smells and tastes bad. Gold Canyon residents are forced to purchase bottled water to drink. The overwhelming smell of raw sewage in the area speaks for its self. Pinal County Planners have and are failing us all.

Our well was drilled in 1948. The water from this well is the purist drinking water I have ever known. This well has never run dry even in these times of record-breaking droughts. The security of knowing that we could go to our sinks and get safe, clean water that tastes and smells good is absolutely priceless to my family. Our pristine (60 year old) well will be contaminated because of Pinal County’s disregard for the safety of our family and future needs of the community.

A local “housing boom” has resulted in a flood of applications for permits to excavate land and divert traffic, water runoff and sewage, to areas that cannot possibly absorb it. This will negatively impact our community far into the future. It is ridicules to intentionally destroy the only clean, untreated drinking water in Gold Canyon?

Now the Pinal County Zoning and Development Department is permitting developers to build homes with septic tanks on top of the only safe and sustainable road we have across King’s Ridge. They will divert traffic and water runoff through my family’s driveway and sewage into our well water.

Our driveway has been rendered unsafe by the traffic these individuals have generated. Heavy excavating equipment combined with the parade of associated traffic has left our driveway, my family and our neighbors in an unsafe and compromised condition.

We are responsible for damage and injury that occurs to others on our property as they pass through it. We are being put at a great legal and economic disadvantage as well as having our privacy and safety put at serious risk by individuals at the Pinal County Planning and Development Office.

The United States Postal Service declared our road too dangerous and unsafe to deliver our mail. The Post Master General states that he has declined to extend delivery of our mail because our driveway is a one-lane road that runs up the blind side of a hill with no guardrails. It is disturbing that Pinal County is creating this health and safety hazard by issuing these damaging building permits.

The best road and emergency access route to all of these properties is Sundown Road. Specific individuals at Pinal County Planning and Development have decided to discard this road. These decisions leave everyone affected in an unsafe and vulnerable condition

Passage across our property was originally, an exclusive verbal agreement granted to our existing neighbors. Their construction of another home created an access burden on the preexisting roads we all used and depended on. They requested permission to use our private road for the existing homes of their family and nothing more. This passage agreement was originally based on friendship, safety, security and ease of specific individuals in gaining an alternative route to their homes. This agreement included our neighbors pledge to share the maintenance of our driveway.

Our access to the public has been rendered unsafe and close to impassible because of an unjustifiable and unsustainable diversion and expansion of traffic and water runoff. These damaging failures I am complaining of threaten our property, safety and welfare. These individuals I am complaining about have already created an unacceptable safety hazard in and around our property and community.

The safest emergency entrance and evacuation route for the fire department and other emergency services has been shut off. Please remember this area can turn into a frightening danger zone in a matter of hours and even minutes and remain cut off from services for days.

Sundown Road has served everyone across King’s Ridge in times of flood and other emergencies. This road is too valuable to everyone living across King’s Ridge to be closed to accommodate a few. In fact this road should be re-opened and re-named King’s Ridge Road in honor of Julian and Lucy King.

Originally Kings Ranch Rd. ran along side Dinosaur Mountain and directly to our home. This area was a pristine and beautiful natural wonderland. Julian and Lucy King had a vision for this community because they knew and loved it. Julian King stipulated that this land should never be divided in lots smaller than 2 acres. This stipulation was certainly in effect when we originally purchased our property and for good reason.

The land below King’s Ridge is in a deadly and dangerous flood zone for about 30 minutes every 30 years or so. The rest of that time there is little water to support much life. The land that is safe to live on is rugged and you cannot crowd housing on these hills safely in 20,000 square foot parcels. The results are a living condition with no sewage, safe well water, secure access or privacy for anyone.

Cramming houses onto 20,000 square foot lots in the same manner you would permit houses to be built on flat ground with water, sewage and street grids creates a great disparity. The safety issue alone created by this practice of issuing these unreasonable permits is compelling and urgent.

In this particular instance The Pinal County Zoning and Development Department is issuing permits to build residential homes in too close of proximity for safety. This plan violates all intentions of our family’s agreements and puts us at personal risk as we suffer these damages. These practices defy the very nature and spirit of all easement agreements and common health, welfare and ownership concerns.

I am requesting that this honorable court issue an injunctive order of relief to prevent these dangerous and damaging conditions from moving forward. I am requesting that all building and development permits in this area be suspended until this matter can be examined and resolved. Additionally, I am requesting that all permits that have been issued in this area be suspended until these issues can be resolved. Individuals in the process of purchasing, selling or developing land in this area should be informed and protected as well.

I am requesting that the best and safest road known as Sundown Rd. be opened so emergency services can reach our homes in times of flood and emergency and we are all provided with a safe entrance and exit strategy across this road.

Because our family well is one of the oldest in the community and the water is still safe to drink and of infinite value, I am requesting expedient action to protect this water supply from this damaging development that is planned.

If these individuals from Pinal County continue to allow these damaging actions to move forward, responsibility for the injury and damages that will occur should fall on these specific individuals, Pinal County and the State of Arizona. A blind eye is being turned to safety, security and to common sense. I believe these travesties have been committed for the sake of unsustainable growth and development merely to generate revenue for the county and state.

I am requesting this Honorable Court’s intervention in this matter to stop the damaging development that is being planned for this specific area. This will clearly serve the best interest of the community and reassure us all that “quality” of life is just as important in Pinal County as the revenues gained by the “quantity” of life in Gold Canyon.

Respectfully Submitted

Arlin Troutt

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